“I was looking to have three 30 ft. Sycamores removed and stumps ground. At my home in Springville, California At first I I was unable to find anyone locally (93265) and contacted a tree service out of the area, they referred me to Cut A Tree Gil and his crew were out this morning at 7AM prepared and ready to go, by 10 AM the bulk of the work was done and shortly afterward only the stumps and roots were to be ground. I was very impressed with the “professionalism and skill with which Gil and his crew completed the job. I would HIGHLY recommend “Cut A Tree” to anyone in the area.”
Sandy B.
“These guys are professionals. I am so satisfied at the finished product and the customer service I recommend Cut a Tree.”
Brian M.
“Excellent work, in a timely fashion, great clean up afterwards, they are just wonderful to work with.”
Gordon L.

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